Visual Identity Design

Company Mission

Little Cutes is a veterinary company that cures all pets and loves to take care of them. Our Mission is to make sure that our best friends are healthy and live a good life with their loved ones.

Logo Design Description

Little Cutes Logo Design is inspired by the cute French Bulldogs. The logo shape has three elements: the medicine pill, the dog shape, and the bone.

The medicine pill describes that the company is veterinary health care. The dog shape has a meaning that the company is loyal and friendly with our cute best friends. The logo plays with negative space, where we can see that the medicine pill and the ears of the dog make the white negative space a bone shape. In the middle of the logo, we can see a heart or a dog nose. The heart is repeated on the typography part and has taken place of the “I dot”.

Different Concepts / Golden Ratio Logo Design

Branding Design Concept

Advertisement & Store Design Concept



Veterinary clinic insider logo mockup and doctor uniform logo mockup. The waiting room of the veterinary with the logo on the wall with only one color. The design of the logo is displayed on the uniform of the doctor too, with the three colors of the logo design.

Front store logo mockup.  On the mockup, the logo is displayed with one color and with the background blue, which may be used in red too. 


Vehicle mockup concept with two colors. It is used red as the main color of the company and white color. On the vehicle are used some elements from the logo, for example, the hearts and the mouth/pill.

Advertisement Design Concept displayed on the bus. The design concept includes a poster design, logo, and slogan of the company.