Company Description

Ilir Dosari is a professional artist in painting and pyrography arts. He graduated from the University of Arts Faculty of Visual Arts in Albania.

He Studied paintings, drawings, and graphic arts. In 2015 he started working in the art of pyrography and in July of 2016, Ilir presented his first personal art exhibition with Pyrography works. After having success with his first exhibit, in August of 2017, he presented the second personal art exhibition. The second exhibition was a mix of arts, pyrography, and paintings. 

Logo Design Description

Ilir Dosari’s logo design is inspired by the client artistic profile and the client’s credentials name I that stand for Ilir and D that stands for Dosari. The symbol of the logo is very simple and easy to understand, the whole symbol represents a brush for painting or wood burning pen. The brown bottom parts represent the initial “D” or the letter “I” and the yellow part is the “I” tittle or dot.

Different Concepts for the Logo Design

Business Card Design